Winter Safety: Hypothermia, Frostbite, and Cold Stormy Weather


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Be prepared to possibly lose power during winter storms. Photo by: Petritap

Winter weather can be a major threat to health and safety – even meteorologists have now decided to assign names to winter storms to increase awareness to the changing weather.

Snow, ice, wind and frigid temperatures can have us all fleeing indoors, but what about when the power is out?

Extreme temperatures during winter can put us, especially the elderly and the very young, at risk for  hypothermia and frostbite.

Knowing how to avoid these health conditions, and what to do if you or someone else develops hypothermia or frostbite, can save a life.

Winter Storm Preparation

Just as you would prepare for a tornado or an earthquake, you should also be prepared for winter storms. Many times these can catch people off guard, especially around the holidays when the weather is the farthest from people’s minds. Sure, in some places the meteorologists predict an inch of snow and everyone rushes to the store to buy eggs, bread, and milk, but what good is it going to do you if the power goes out? Unless you have a gas stove, you won’t be cooking those eggs or any meals for that matter. Do you have an emergency plan? A emergency kit? If not, it’s a good idea to get your home prepared for a weather emergency.

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