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US weather for Saturday: nice east and west; stormy in the middle. Forecast courtesy of NOAA

US weather for Saturday: nice east and west; stormy in the middle. Forecast courtesy of NOAA

It’s summer. Kick back. There’s plenty to do, see, or just contemplate. Let’s check out some of this weekend’s highlights for participants and spectators.

World Cup Final, Sunday, 3 p.m. EDT

The quadrennial soccer competition winds up Sunday in Rio de Janeiro. Locals will be disappointed in the matchup as the Brazilians were much less than invincible in a semifinal drubbing at the hands of Germany.

The Germans’ opponent, Argentina, will make this a transatlantic battle of the continents. No European team has ever won the World Cup playing in the Western Hemisphere.

No need to bring a coat of any kind, as the weather, under midwinter high pressure, will be excellent for both players and fans.

Brazilians may be a little less than joyful, especially if their arch-rivals the Argentinians win, but what the heck, Rio is Rio.

Bastille Day, France, July 14

If you missed the Fête de la Musique on the solstice, here’s another excuse to visit Paris. Bastille Day, commemorating the storming of the Bastille in 1789, is the French equivalent of the United States’ Independence Day.

The weather may be a little unsettled; the dip in the jet stream with its associated low pressure center has departed, leaving some afternoon thunderstorms. No matter: Rain or shine, Paris is Paris.

Tour de France: Stage 8, Saturday and Stage 9, Sunday

While you’re in France for Bastille Day, you might as well hop over to the eastern part of the country and check out the Tour de France bicycle race.

There could be showers, but after the dousing the riders took in Belgium during the week it will seem like fine weather.

Women’s British Open Golf Tournament, Saturday and Sunday, Royal Birkdale Golf Club, Southport, UK

The northern hemisphere is 61% ocean, much less than the southern hemisphere. But a maritime climate is just that, wherever it is located. Southport is strongly influenced by the adjacent Irish Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean beyond Ireland. Average temperature of the water is in the high 50s, so daytime air temperatures are restricted to the 60s in the summer. Rain is frequent, though it is light. The tournament will be played in average weather conditions.

Major League Baseball Pick Of The Week: St. Louis Cardinals @ Milwaukee Brewers, Saturday

The best pitcher in the National League goes against the best team. Adam Wainright is 11-4 for the Cards with a 1.79 era. The Brewers have the best won-lost record in the National League.

Weather: The unusually strong jet stream that has brought unrelenting rain to the midwest is back for another round of heavy weather. There will be thunderstorms around on Saturday, but they’ll play the game.

Free Music Festivals

4knots Music Festival, South Street Seaport, New York City, Saturday, 1-8 p.m.: The weather should be great for this or any other activity in the Big Apple this weekend. A cold front brought refreshing air during the week, and it will still be in evidence Saturday and Sunday.

After that the jet stream will become more active, with a pronounced dip in the midwest, which will mean showery weather on the east coast. In fact, the jet stream weather pattern for the coming week looks more like January than July. If this pattern develops in the winter, the result will be a major snowstorm.

West 4th Ave Khatsahlano Street Party, Saturday, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: A ten block street party with eight stages and plenty of food. The omega block which is re-establishing over the Gulf of Alaska extends eastward over the western United Sates and Canada. Temperatures are above normal with highs in the 80s, as the proximity of the ocean modifies the air mass. Inland temperatures will approach triple digits. Skies are generally clear, as the air under the high pressure of the omega block gently descends. There could be a little fog in the mornings due to the nearby cold ocean.

Decoded Science Far Out Spectator Sport Of The Week: Cricket, Melbourne, Australia, Saturday, Melbourne vs Geelong in AFL round 17

I haven’t the slightest idea what this sport is about, but it’s a good excuse to make at least an imaginary visit to Australia. It’s the dead of winter Down Under, and Melbourne is the southernmost city in Australia — at 37 degrees latitude, about equivalent to Philadelphia. Southern hemisphere weather is moderated by the prevalence of oceans which comprise 81% of the surface area. A strong jet stream regularly brings inclement weather to Melbourne in the winter, but as storms traverse the Great Australian Bight, with water temperature in the upper 50s, Melbourne’s weather reflects both the temperature and the wetness of the sea. High temperatures in Melbourne are around 57, and there is frequent rain. I guess that’s good weather for cricket.

Decoded Science Far Out Participant Sport Of The Week: Tough Mudder Competition, Bromont, Quebec, Canada, Saturday

No, it’s not a mudder-fodder Abbot and Costello routine. Competitors slosh through grass, swamp, and woods on a ten mile obstacle course. Mud type: brown soil. Weather: Does it really matter when you’re slogging through the mud?

Take Precautions

Whatever you do this weekend, do it safely: heed lifeguard warnings of dangerous rip currents; use sunscreen; drive defensively, in both car and boat; don’t injure a finger pressing the remote too hard. Have a great weekend!

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