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Hurricane Sandy visited the US East Coast this fall, wreaking havoc on the shoreline. Photo: MDGovpics / CC by 2.0

Hurricane Isaac Blows Away Camps, Stalls The Republican Convention

In late August, Hurricane Isaac caused a rumble in the Republican convention, changing plans for the start of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

The hurricane also caused extensive damage in Haiti’s tent camps. The country is still recovering from a devastating earthquake two years ago, and the hurricane blew away many of the tents that act as temporary shelters for many Haitians.

Hurricane Sandy Turns Into The Bride of Frankenstorm

It was Halloween when Hurricane Sandy came blasting through the United States. This Category One storm became a big mess. Sandy wreaked havoc in Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas and Haiti before it visited the United States. Thousands of homes were damaged in Cuba, and the storm led to at 71 deaths in the region.

As it moved toward the United States, Sandy merged with a cold front to create a large super storm that some dubbed The Bride of Frankenstorm after its Halloween appearance. The storm dumped rain and snow across the US East Coast and merged with high tides to create huge storm surges. Giant waves smashed into the East Coast, and lower Manhattan went dark as businesses and subways closed.

Extreme Weather in 2013?

What will the year 2013 bring? Will concerns about climate and greenhouse gas emissions lead to a push for renewable energy or to weighing geoengineering options? In 2012, wacky weather hit the news in a big way. In 2013, extreme weather might push the dialogue about climate change to a new level.


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