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The forecast for Saturday. Courtesy of NOAA

The forecast for Saturday. Courtesy of NOAA

Saturday marks the summer solstice. Festivals are dominated by a musical tradition that began in France and has spread around the world.

The weather will generally cooperate for most outdoor activities for both participants and spectators.

Fete de la Musique

This festival germinated in Paris in 1981 and has since blossomed into an international event.  This year the free music will be presented in over 500 cities worldwide — a virtual global open mic night.

Some of the biggest names head for Paris, the epicenter of the seismic cacophony, but local bands provide great music in over 100 countries from Iceland to Australia.

Here are some of the locations and the weather you can expect.

  • Paris. You cannot go wrong here; there’s music on every street corner. The weather will be beautiful, with temperatures in the 60s at night as high pressure dominates.
  • Miami. The weatherman can take a break in the summer in Miami. Just mail in the forecast of temperature near 90 with thunderstorms in the afternoon. The pattern is about average for the season, so no need to deviate.
  • Berlin. Coolish and there could be a shower. Continental summer weather is under the influence of a jet stream, though weaker than in winter.
  • Boston and New York. A Canadian high pressure system will settle over the northeast United States bringing perfect summer weather to New England and New York. Temperatures in the 70s and clear skies.
  • Amsterdam.  Under high pressure, the weather will be pretty nice. A shower is possible with temperatures in the 60s. Pressure is probably not all that will be high.
  • Edinburgh.  In a place where the average high temperature is in the low 60s, it’s a lucky weekend: Highs in the mid 60s and almost no rain.
  • Madison, Wisconsin. Warm, humid air has made the journey all the way to the Canadian border. Madison will be warm — in the 80s, and thunderstorms are a possibility, but a weak push of Canadian air could clear the skies by evening.
  • Beijing, China. If Paris isn’t exotic enough for you, try Beijing, which has recently joined the parade of participating cities and is offering over 45 bands in 30 venues. China experiences a summer monsoon; the average rainfall in Beijing jumps from 2.8 inches in June to 7.6 inches in July. This year the monsoon is just beginning, so expect humid conditions with temperatures in the 70s and thunderstorms in the afternoon. There is the benefit that the rainfall washes some of the pollution out of the air.
  • Everywhere else. If you can’t get to one of these cities, check around where you are. New cities are joining the party every year.

World Cup Weather

For the most part, the rest of the World Cup’s first round play will be under good conditions: temperatures in the 60s and 70s, moderate humidity, and little rain.

The one exception is Manaus in the Amazon, where the United States will play Portugal on Sunday. Seasonable temperatures and humidity will prevail, which means hot and humid; there will probably be some rain.

These are not the best conditions for a quality soccer game, and FIFA would have been wise to forego an inland venue, though it’s hard to snub a city of nearly two million population.

Manaus is at three degrees south latitude — practically on the equator — and near sea level (600 feet elevation). Though Manaus is far from the sea, the Amazon River provides moisture, and Manaus receives ten inches of rain in January. This time of year is drier, but June rainfall still averages five inches and July four, so it should not be a surprise if some games are played in the rain.

The temperature for Sunday’s 6 p.m. contest will be in the 80s and the humidity will be high. This may be a contest more of endurance than of soccer prowess.

Decoded Science Major League Baseball Game Of The Week: Philadelphia at St. Louis, Saturday

This game features an interesting pitching matchup. Philly’s lefty Cole Hamels hasn’t been scored on in his last 23 innings. The Cardinals’ Adam Wainright has a 9-3 record and a 2.15 earned run average, but he missed his last start with tendinitis in his elbow.

St. Louis is experiencing a heat wave that will last through the weekend with afternoon temperatures in the 90s. Since the game starts at 3 p.m. local time, it will be hot, and the humidity, courtesy of a southerly flow from the Gulf of Mexico, will make it feel even hotter. Conditions are still favorable for afternoon thunderstorms, so the golden arch you see might not be McDonald’s.

Austrian Grand Prix 6/22 Spielberg, Austria

Grand Prix racing returns to Austria for the first time in 11 years. After an unseasonable heat wave last week, weather has returned to normal, and skies will be sunny with temperatures in the 60s on Sunday.

Chesapeake Crab and Beer Festival, Saturday, Baltimore, MD

The weather should cooperate as a cold front nudges far enough south to make for a pleasant day for seafood, beer, and music. Who could crab about that?

Water temperatures as of 6/18/14. Image courtesy of NOAA

Water temperatures as of 6/18/14. Courtesy of NOAA

Beach Conditions This Week

Coastal New England and the northeast will be under the influence of a cool high pressure area with no rain. Generally unsettled weather will dominate the mid-Atlantic coast in the vicinity of an old front across Virginia and the Carolinas. The southeast coast around through the Gulf of Mexico could have afternoon showers. The west coast will be dry except for the far northwest.

Water temperatures are in the 50s north of Boston, 60s from Boston to Atlantic City, 70s from Atlantic City to Cape Hatteras, and the 80s from North Carolina to Florida and the entire Gulf of Mexico.

On the west coast, San Diego is near 70, San Francisco about 60, and Seattle near 50.

Keep in mind that the water can be much warmer in the afternoon on shallow beaches, and much colder on beaches where there is deep, cold water offshore.

A Great Weekend For Making Or Listening To Beautiful Music

Celebrate the solstice with music at one of the many venues this weekend or enjoy your favorite outdoor activity in the mountains, at the ballpark, on the beach, or in a boat.

What’s the weather like in your neighborhood?

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