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If you live in Canada, you’ve probably been aware for the past couple years that you can get weed at a dispensary. It was legalized in 2018, making it easier than ever before to access cannabis products.

At this point you’re probably familiar with the brick and mortar weed stores in your location, but did you know that you can actually get cannabis delivery in Toronto? Read on to find out how, as well as our favorite delivery services.

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Why Choose a Weed Delivery Service Toronto?


Buying weed has never been easier thanks to weed delivery services. You can order cannabis products sitting in your PJs on the couch, and have it delivered to wherever you are in the city.

Delivery services offer all the same types of products as both physical and online dispensaries, meaning you no longer have to go out of your way to access them. In fact, there’s often even more products available with delivery orders, because they can bring you the freshest edibles and pre rolls made that day.

This is an especially big point for those who can’t physically access dispensaries – for instance if you’re sick and trying to access marijuana as medicine but can’t leave the house to get it, or you’re too busy to make it down to the dispensary before it closes, or you’re especially vulnerable to COVID-19.

There’s no longer any need to take the trip to the weed store as you can simply browse the best delivery services nearby and have your weed delivered a few hours later.


Delivery services offer some of the cheapest products as they need to stay busy. State-owned weed stores are often quite expensive because of the tax that the government imposes on cannabis, but delivery services are usually operating in a ‘legal grey area’, meaning they don’t pay these high taxes.

Delivery services often offer the freshest edibles baked that morning, and need to have them gone by the end of the day as they don’t have the capacity to store a lot. Therefore, you’ll often experience super cheap prices for really tasty and high quality products!

You’ll also get some super experimental strains which people are offering for the best prices as testers before they start to mass grow the flower. Delivery is pretty cheap, usually only around the same amount that you’d pay for food delivery, making it a super cost effective way to get your hands on some weed!


Getting a cannabis delivery is definitely the quickest way to access marijuana. Going down to the physical dispensary takes time, especially if you don’t live near one or you’re in an area of Toronto where they’re pretty few and far between.

When you order through a cannabis delivery service in Toronto, you’ll have your pre rolls and flowers within a matter of hours – without even having to move. That’s hours of time you get to keep to yourself, instead of taking the trek out to the dispensary!

Mail order marijuana online is a great way of accessing specialist products, but takes anywhere from a couple days to up to a week to arrive – which is no good if you’re after your fix today!

Whether you’re at a party or you just feel the sudden urge to smoke up when you get home tonight, weed delivery definitely takes the crown over mail order marijuana when it comes to fast customer service.

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How to find the best Cannabis Delivery Services in Toronto, ON

There are hundreds of delivery services available in Toronto, you just have to pick one suited to your tastes.

The first way to do this is to check a website such as Weedmaps or Seven Days A Weed. These sites will show you the nearest delivery services, alongside what products each one sells, whether they accept debit/credit or cash, and their reviews from previous customers.

These websites are really helpful in finding out which services in your local area are the best, which ones to avoid, and which ones cater to your desired experience.

Also, if you simply google ‘weed delivery toronto’, you’ll see a Google map full of listings with the hottest deliveries in your location.

The other thing to note is that there’s a lot of click and collect services, whereby you place an order and then go pickup our goods at a later time that suits you. This is also pretty popular with people who are out and about in the city, but don’t want to put up with the queues or high prices of a pot shop.

Best Delivery in Toronto

Here’s a few of the favorite delivery services in Toronto, broken up by location. The majority of Toronto delivery places seem to be located in Yorkville and Scarborough, though there are also some further north in North York and in Toronto west such as Etobicoke. So there’s a pretty broad coverage across the city.


6Smoke is the top-rated cannabis delivery place in Toronto. They have mostly 5 star reviews, which cite the quick delivery and ease of ordering as the best features.

They’re open from 11am to 11pm. They have a pretty standard selection of flower, which you can get from a gram up to a half, a few concentrates, and a range of edible products (gummies mostly).

They have been around for the longest making them reliable reliable – just make sure you ID on hand.

With also the most discounts offered by email and on sign-up they have a loyal following.

Toronto Weed Delivery | 6Smoke

Gas Dank

GD is a mail order marijuana site based on King Street West, who also deliver the same day in the Greater Toronto Area if you ring up. This process has led to more poor reviews on their service.

Similar to most other delivery services, you have to text them 2 pieces of ID before you can be allowed to order. Once a member of staff has confirmed it with you, you can go ahead and order from their extensive menu.

Because they also do MoM, they have a pretty massive stock of marijuana products. They carry over 100 strains of flower, as well as edibles, self care products, vapes, and even shrooms if you’re after something a little trippier.

They’re open 8am-2am on Sunday through Wednesday, and until 3am Thursday through Saturday. Gas Dank has 4.1/5 reviews on SDAW, making them pretty reliable and good quality.

Northern High

Northern High are based in Scarborough and are a delivery-only service. Open 11am-1:30am daily, they offer a pretty average variety of strains as well as some shatters and chocolates. They’re certified resellers of Northern Extracts and Euphoria Extractions.

They offer discounts to those who are disabled, veterans, and need marijuana as medicine. They also offer 10% off first orders, and free gummies on orders of $90+. They also offer free delivery over $75.

They have pretty much solid 5 star ratings on leafythings.com, with most people citing their quick and friendly delivery. Similar to most delivery services, they operate through a text message basis, in which you must include your photo ID.

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Final Thoughts

Getting weed delivered in Toronto is easier than ever before. Not only is it super easy, it also takes an unnecessary task out of your day if you’re super busy or your local dispensary is a trek away.

It provides you with the best products, for the lowest prices. You can get exclusive discounts and not have to risk exposing yourself to Covid-19 just to get to the dispensary.

There are a few things to remember, however. First is that you’ll have to be over 19 years of age to access most of these delivery services – some even require you to be 21, just to be overly cautious. You’ll also have to prove this, and be happy with handing over your data – usually you need to provide 2 different types of ID before you can order.

Also, the deals and offers for free delivery might be different at different places and different times. Sometimes, mail order marijuana might be a better option for you – you might find better prices on cheap ounces, for instance. You’ll also find a higher variety of products from a mail order service, usually.

Weed delivery is usually most helpful if you’re in a pinch and need cannabis that day but can’t get down to the dispensary (or want cheaper prices than the dispensary).

The final thing to remember is that it won’t always be super quick. At certain times of the year – 4/20, for instance – you’ll be hard pressed to get your weed delivery in less than a couple hours. It might take all day.

The best thing to do is order early on if you know you need cannabis products at some point later in the day – if you have a party or something, it’s always best to order when the service first opens, rather than waiting until you’re at the party!

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