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In the wake of the November 6 elections, allegations of voter fraud and election irregularities have surfaced in several jurisdictions.

But in the past, crimes committed in relation to the polls have been relatively few.

Virgin Islands to Conduct Investigation into Voting Irregularities

Vincent F. Frazier, Attorney General for the U.S. Virgin Islands has ordered an investigation into how the November 6 elections were conducted in the territory.

He has appointed a special investigator as well as four lawyers to look into widespread complaints by voters.

These complaints allege an overall lack of transparency in the way the voting was conducted, as well as complaints about how the electronic voting machines worked and the delay in the count of paper ballots.

In addition to voting for local representatives Virgin Islanders also vote to send a delegate to the U.S. Congress. Donna Christensen, the congressional delegate, is in favor of the investigation, although she does not think the result of her election was affected.

Other Allegations of Voting Fraud and Irregularities

Although not as widespread as the allegations in the Virgin Islands, complaints and accusations of fraud have surfaced in other jurisdictions. On November 10, a petition was started on the We the People portion of the White House website. According to the petition, Barack Obama won 108% of the vote in one Ohio county. The petition claims there were 98,213 eligible voters in the county yet the president received 106,258 votes. The petitioner claims this fraud was enabled by the fact the state has no voter identification laws.

At the time of this writing, over 12,800 people had signed the petition.

  • In a Philadelphia precinct, voters at an elementary school were required to vote under a giant mural of Obama. A judge was contacted and the mural was ordered covered.
  • A complaint was received in Pennsylvania that when voters touched Barack Obama’s name on the voting screen, Mitt Romney lit up. It was determined the machine had not been properly calibrated.
  • In Tampa Florida, election officials were accused of calling voters and telling them they had more time to go to the polls than they actually had.

The Election Protection Coalition, an umbrella organization of groups that work to protect the right to vote claim more than 70,000 complaints were made by 5 p.m. Eastern time on Election Day.

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