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Ubisoft Under Fire in the Past

Hackers have taken your passwords and email addresses, so look out! Image by chanpipat

This isn’t the first time that Ubisoft have had problems with their software. In 2012, when a browser add-on for the Uplay was introduced, there was a hole that allowed cybercriminals to place malware onto users’ computers: Ubisoft quickly installed a patch.

In April 2013, hackers found a way to buy games from the website without paying for them, including a game that hadn’t been released. The online store was temporarily closed while the hole was fixed.

Ubisoft Investigating the Breach

Ubisoft was alerted quickly about the breach and is now performing a full investigation. This investigation will allow authorities to catch the hackers and the company to find out how the hack happened and the steps to take to prevent it happening again. According to the website, the security team is exploring methods to make the site safe and secure.

Ubisoft Problems: Is the Security System Enough?

In light of the two problems this year, it begs the question whether Ubisoft’s security systems are really enough. While there is the focus on makes sales and building profits, with 58 million people storing their details on the site – some of them having no choice in the matter – is there enough money being spent on keeping the whole system secure?


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