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Internet access coming to an Obama Phone near you? Image by Pete Souza

Tracfone CEO Denies Link Between Presidential Support and Contract Win

Pollak has denied a link between his family’s donations to the party and the acquisition of the contract, telling the Washington Times that there is “no pay-for-play, or even favors.” The company is already a major supplier of cell phones provided by the Lifeline Program, with over 4 million subscribers.

Between 500,000 and 1 million low income households are expected to participate in the pilot scheme, at an expected cost to the government of $45 per month for each contract, which will, for the first time, include a digital data allowance of 2GB.

Obama Phones for Low Income Families

If the pilot program is successful, the government can expect to pay around $100 million per month, based on projections that build on the current numbers of Tracfone subscribers. Expenditure on the initial trial will, however, be capped at $915,000.


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