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Weight Control with HAPILABS

The new HAPItrack. Start your day off right. Image by HAPILABS

The new HAPItrack. Start your day off right. Image by HAPILABS

In addition to giving you the tools to slow down your eating, the smart fork comes with HAPILABS, an app downloaded to your phone that offers coaching to change eating patterns and social games to help with motivation. The app’s developers intend to help users understand their eating habits and factors that affect their attempts at losing weight.

Lepine’s firm is looking into extending the HAPIfork and developing HAPItrack. This activity tracker within the HAPILABS app will monitor the amount of steps people take and the length of time they are active. The program will also count the calories you burn and eat throughout the day to provide a comprehensive report for dieters.

The HAPIfork Won’t Do Everything For You!

Before you start thinking that you have found the key to weight loss, the fork won’t do everything for you. The tracker will only help you if you input data and update it on a regular basis. Think of it like a smart fridge; you have to put all the information in but after that it will help track your eating patterns and the amount of calories you burn throughout the day.

Future Developments for the HAPIfork

Apart from the development of the development into HAPILABS, the firm has been quiet on any other future technological developments. Decoded Science asked about the potential ability to weigh food in individual bites to provide users with detailed information about their eating habits – we were told that it would be a great idea and HAPIlabs is looking into many different features and advancements.

Weight Loss Technology

Although the ability to notify you when you’re eating too fast may be helpful, the fork can’t tell whether you’re eating veggies or chocolate cake, so it may not be much use as yet. The Smart Fork is set for release in the U.S. in either March or April 2013, after initially making an appearance at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. According to HAPIlabs, the initial cost of the fork will be $99, and it will be released later in the UK and the rest of the world. Are you ready for an interactive fork with your meal?


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