The Digital Millennial: Will Hyperconnectivity Affect Teens and Young Adults Cognitively?


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For some, online social networking substitutes for real life interaction – Image credit: Herry Lawford

Is this generation going to be helped or hurt by being constantly online?

A new survey released today, Millennials will Benefit and Suffer due to their Hyperconnected Lives,  investigates the detriment and benefits of the amount of time millennials – young people – spend online.

This survey was conducted by Janna Quitney Anderson, of Elon University and Lee Rainie, of Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. According to a summary of previous findings by Pew Internet Project, teens and young adults are avid technological device users and make good use of the social applications offered, as can be seen in the activities of teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 years old, and the next generation, adults between the ages of 18-29.

  •  According to this survey, 95% of teens are online, while 96% of adults use the Internet.
  • 76% of teenagers use social networking sites, and 84% of adults 18-29 use social networking.
  • 77% of teenagers, and 97% of adults have cell phones.
  • 50% of adults own smartphones, and 23% possess tablet computers.

Other Indicators of the Popularity of Social Networking Site Use:

According to this survey:

  • Nearly 20 million of the 225 million Twitter users follow 60 or more Twitter accounts.
  • Almost 2 million people follow more than 500 accounts via Twitter.
  • More than 800 million internet users have Facebook accounts.
  • Approximately 700 billion minutes are spent using Facebook each month.
  • Users install more than 20 million apps daily.
  • Facebook users had uploaded more than 100 billion photos by mid-2011.
  • YouTube users upload 60 hours of video per minute.
  • YouTube users activated more than 1 trillion playbacks in 2011 – approximately 140 video views per person on earth.

The amount of online activity prompted the investigation into the possible effects of Internet use  on millennials.

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