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Will doctors embrace the use of technology in medical care? Image by admeijer

Are iPads More Efficient For Every Doctor?

I also asked Dr. Arora whether the increase in efficiency occurred across-the-board, or if any doctors were adversely affected? (As we all know, some people do not work well with technology.) She responded, “That is a great question – and something we are currently looking at. We did ask residents about how excited they were to use technology before we implemented. Anecdotally, those that experience the greatest gains are those that are ‘Champions’ or are most excited about using technology.”

Follow up Surveys to Determine Patient Outcomes and Optimization

Many questions remain, regarding the use of tablet computers in medical care. According to Dr. Arora, the study was not able to link patient outcomes or quality of care to the use of iPads by residents, but future surveys may evaluate that aspect of  care. Dr. Arora told Decoded Science that follow-up surveys are also ongoing, in order to “assess how to optimize use in the residency program,” as well as to evaluate the reactions of patients to the use of iPads in their care.


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