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Time to say goodbye to paper charts, and hello to iPads? Photo by Kurhan

The next time you go to the hospital, if you see your doctor carrying an iPad instead of a clipboard, don’t worry – she’s got your medical chart, lists of prescription medicines, and other medical applications right at her fingertips. In fact, while a tablet computer may or may not ensure that you get better care, it will most likely reduce wait times and increase your doctor’s efficiency, according to a study published in the March 12, 2012 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

iPads Issued to Residents at University of Chicago Medicine

The University of Chicago’s press release of March 12, 2012, stated that in the year 2010 (November) “…the University of Chicago Medicine became the first hospital in the country to provide residents with tablet computers on a large scale, supplying iPads to all 115 residents in internal medicine. When surveyed in 2011, more than three out of four of the residents reported that the portable computers allowed them to complete tasks quicker and freed them up to spend more time on direct patient care and to participate in educational activities.”

Interview with Dr. Vineet Arora: Corresponding Author of the Study:

Dr. Vineet Arora, Associate Professor of Medicine at University of Chicago’s Department of Medicine, Assistant Dean for Scholarship and Discovery at Pritzker School of Medicine, and Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program, corresponding author of this study, provided additional details to Decoded Science. According to Dr. Arora, the study provided a surprising result: “The most surprising aspect of the survey is that residents reported an hour savings per day, which makes them more efficient to care for patients in the setting of their work hour limits.

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