Summer-Like Conditions, Cooler Weather, as Fall Creeps In: Sept. 5-6-7, 2014


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The cold front will bring a feel of fall to weekend activities behind it. Forecast for Saturday morning courtesy of NOAA

The cold front will bring a feel of fall to weekend activities behind it. Forecast for Saturday morning courtesy of NOAA

The first full weekend of fall (meteorological fall) will bring some cooler weather across the northern hemisphere, though summer-like conditions still prevail in the US west and Europe.

The US Open Tennis tournament wraps up and the National Football League action kicks off — literally and figuratively. The Major League Baseball Season is three weeks from the end with several playoff spots up for grabs.

And of course there’s the usual potpourri of local sporting events, and music and food festivals. And in case you missed the ones in July and August, there’s another Supermoon.

Weather This Weekend

The general weather pattern that dominated the US last winter gives a hint of returning, with warm conditions on the west coast and cold east of the Rockies.

The transition from summer to fall can be gentle or jarring — the cold front that will move through the midwest today, and clear the east coast on Sunday, will get people’s attention this weekend, to be followed by even colder weather in the midwest next week.

Meanwhile the warm and dry conditions continue in the west. And Europe will be under the influence of a ridge in the jet stream, which, except for a recent two-week hiatus, has persisted for many months.

The entire continent of Europe will remain much warmer than normal this weekend.

US Open Tennis Tournament, New York, Sunday and Monday (finals)

Upsets have left top-seeded Serena Williams with a relatively easy path to another Grand Slam victory in the ladies division. Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, the top two men have survived to the semifinals.

Weather: The cold front will come through late Saturday, so the finals will be played in cooler weather with no rain.

NFL Football, Week One

The NFL season began last night, with the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks opening their defense of the title with a win over the Green Bay Packers. Here is Decoded Science’s pick of the week for Sunday viewing:

Indianapolis Colts @ Denver Broncos, 8:30 EDT

This will be the second time Peyton Manning has faced his old team since he moved to Denver. Last year, the Colts dealt him a loss, perhaps a foreboding of the thrashing Denver would receive at the hands of the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Manning will be looking for redemption from the Super Bowl loss and revenge for last year’s beating by the Colts.

Weather: Fair weather covers the western part of the US. Temperatures, above normal for September, will fall from the 70s at the start of the game to the 60s at the end.

College Football This Week

The colleges are in their second week of play, and already there is a top ten matchup: Michigan State (7) @ Oregon (3), Saturday, 6:30 EDT.

Weather: The heat in the west will crest over Eugene, Oregon on Saturday, and the temperature will challenge the century mark. Players will need extra oxygen and liquids, and the heat will affect the play, especially later in the game.

Decoded Science’s Major League Baseball Pick Of The Week

San Francisco Giants @ Detroit Tigers, Saturday, 1:08 EDT

Both teams are fighting for playoff spots in their respective leagues. Giants ace Madison Bumgarner goes against Detroit’s late-season acquisition David Price. It should be a pitcher’s duel, very likely decided by the bullpens.

Weather: With the cold front departed and the rain gone, the temperature will struggle to reach the low 70s.

Food, Music, And Cultural Festivals, Sept. 5-7

Decoded Science highlights some of the most interesting festivals each week. These are to be taken as suggestions as to what to look for in your area.

29th Annual Lake Tahoe Food and Wine Festival, Northstar, California, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Restaurants, wineries, and breweries participate in culinary competitions, cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, and general debauchery. To what better use could you put a ski resort in September?

Weather: Sunny with temperatures in the middle 80s in the daytime, which is about 8 degrees above normal. Perfect for debauchery.

Edinboro Highland Games & Scottish Festival, Edinboro, University, Edinboro, Pennsylvania, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Highland dance and athletic competitions, pipe band and solo competitions, clan gatherings, kids’ crafts and games, traditional Scottish food, and featuring the U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Championships. To what better use could you put a college campus in September?

Weather: Saturday’s festivities could be interrupted by rain as the front comes through; Friday and Sunday look good, the former warmer than the latter.

Festival No. 6, Portmeirion, Gwynedd, United Kingdom, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

I’ll just let the organizers tell you what this is about: “During the festival the village and the surrounding woods come alive as a unique series of inspiring venues, hosting everything from intimate performances from iconic bands to amazing installations, surreal street theatre and impromptu interactive happenings, all woven together to create a magical environment that you can totally immerse yourself in.” To what better use could you put a picturesque village on the coast of Wales in September?

Weather: This normally rainy location will receive no rain for this event. Temperatures will reflect those in the Irish Sea — in the middle 60s.

Participant Event: Half-Ironman Triathlon For Those In REALLY Good Shape

Toughman Championship, Westchester, NY, Sunday

If you can swim a mile and a quarter, bike 56 miles, and then run a half marathon, this is the race for you — except registration is closed. There are shorter triathlons and races, including walking events, in many locations for those less buff.

September Supermoon Is Also A Harvest Moon

Yet another Supermoon will occur for three days this week. This one has to share billing with the harvest, so if you want more for your money, go to the beach and watch the Super Harvest Moon rise on Sunday.

Technically the full moon will be on Monday, and the moonrise might be more spectacular on Tuesday, occurring after sunset for a brighter effect.

Enjoy The Change Of Season

Meteorological Fall will be most noticeable in the American midwest this weekend, but everywhere the angle of the sun is decreasing daily. Whatever you do this weekend, notice the subtle change in the weather as the feel of fall creeps in.

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