Stonesoft Acquired by McAfee: How Does This Change the Computer Security World?


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McAfee acquisition could result in better security for home computers – more protection against hackers is a good thing! Image by devdsp

Intel is currently acquiring Stonesoft – why is this a big deal, and what is Stonesoft, anyway?

In 2011, Intel acquired McAfee and has opted to add Stonesoft as a way to expand the computer security program’s capabilities and compete with its rivals. With so many websites being hacked in recent months, including WordPress, Evernote and government websites, it is not surprising that the security niche when it comes to Internet and computer security, is still growing.

Who Is Stonesoft?

Stonesoft is a company based in Finland that offers software security solutions. Some of their products include the Intrusion Prevention System and Evasion Prevention System for businesses small and large. McAfee will now be able to use all of these products to expand – there are currently 6,500 customers who use the Stonesoft software.

Each of the products from Stonesoft are certified by some of the most demanding security tests, including Common Criteria, CEF and FIPS certifications. The firewalls and intrusion prevention systems have gained a “Recommended” status from NSS Labs over the last two years.

Firewalls for Security

Firewalls are becoming the most important form of computer security technology, especially with the recent hacks. The Evasion Prevention System from Stonesoft offers protection against Advanced Evasion Threats – threats by some of the more powerful and sophisticated hackers and criminals, such as those who attacked Spamhaus with DDoS attacks.

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