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Multiple Depression Treatments Required

Deep brain stimulation may be the best cure for depression to date: Photo by US National Institute on Aging, Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center

For a patient with depression, the number of treatments required can vary greatly. For most chronic sufferers, regular psychiatric help, along with a treatment regime, can increase the likelihood of overcoming the disorder. Pharmaceuticals are currently available, as is TMS. For many patients, it can take several different medications and treatment options before relief is obtained.

Physiological Causes of Depression

Researchers understand the physiological causes of depression, and are looking at ways to improve those chemical connections, staving off depression. Many of the pharmaceuticals available carry suicide and erratic behavior warnings, due to the changes in brain chemistry caused by the new chemical drug. These drugs are positive for a short time, but are not a long-term solution. This seminar states that the best solution for long-term treatment and care, based on the current research, is deep brain stimulation.

Decoded Science requested to speak with the authors of this seminar, but the researchers were unable to comment on the seminar at this time.

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