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Chicken Eggs and Vaccines

This method takes millions of chicken eggs and can be a very lengthy process. According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the process of creating the seasonal flu vaccine starts in January for release in September – that’s a long time!

Plant-based Vaccines: Positives

Plant-based vaccines are cost effective; building greenhouses are cheaper than building a sterilized facilities, manufacturing technology, and the cost of steel tanks that are necessary for the cell cultures. The other money-saving aspect of plant-based vaccines is a cheaper purification process. In plant-based vaccines, the purification process is simpler because there aren’t any infectious agents to ‘clean up.’ There are also no viruses in plants that can infect humans.

The influenza plant-based vaccine isn’t the first of its kind – in 2009 Dr. Charles Arntzen worked to develop a plant-based norovirus vaccine. Decoded Science had the opportunity to interview Dr. Charles Arntzen why tobacco plants were used, and whether other plants might also work. Dr. Arntzen responded,

“Tobacco produces a lot of biomass and grows quickly. It does not seem to attract the ire of anti-GMO foods groups. And, the plant has many viruses which are being used as molecular tools to cause the tobacco leaves to produce desired antigens (active vaccine ingredients). This is a very fast moving field. A conference in Italy last week described a huge amount of ongoing vaccine and therapeutic development.”

In fact there are other plant-based vaccines that scientists are developing right now, such as: Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma vaccine, rabies, rotavirus, and pandemic influenza.

Plants and Vaccines

Vaccines that are made from tobacco plants are faster; Dr. Arntzen says that clinical tests can be done in eight to ten weeks and for commercial use, it could take just two to four months. This is a sharp difference than using the traditional method where the development for the flu shot begins in January and isn’t ready until September.


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