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Economic Growth Tied to High Approval

High gas prices may keep Obama's approval from surging. Photo Credit: Derek Jensen

Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index is consistent with the President’s approval rating.  Index results recorded from March 8 to March 10 indicated the most positive economic outlook recorded since January 2008, based on a rolling three day average of responses to economic conditions. Gallup polling regarding the economy also resulted in 46 percent of Americans saying the economy is improving. Rising gas prices apparently have yet to significantly impact economic polling, but higher prices at the pump may still negatively affect confidence if prices rise as predicted.

Obama Approval Inconsistency Among Pollsters

Both Gallup daily tracking and the Gallup Economic Confidence Index bring good news for the president, but some other pollsters have less impressive numbers. Polls conducted between March 7 and March 11 by CBS News/New York Times, ABC News/Washington Post and Rasmussen indicate that more respondents disapprove of the president than approve. The numbers recorded by CBS News/NYT and ABC News/WaPo indicate drops in approval for Obama from previous polling.

Interpreting the Presidential Poll Results

While Gallup polling has a strong track record, the fact that three other polls conducted at the same time show lukewarm approval for the president indicates inconsistency, which could be brought on by polling errors. It is also possible that improved job numbers combined with rising gas prices are leaving respondents unsure of how to feel about the economy, resulting in varied approval ratings for the president.


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