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Obama's approval appears to be tied to the economy Photo courtesy of the US federal government

Is Obama’s approval rating recovering?

Gallup daily tracking measured President Obama’s job approval at 49 percent from March 9 to March 11, based on a three day rolling average. The pollster has recorded an upward trend since the middle of last week. Gallup cites a positive employment report released last week and additional polling indicating growing economic confidence as reasons for the high rating.

Gallup Tracking Methodology

The new approval rating was based on results from tracking polls conducted on March 9, March 10 and March 11, averaged together. The sample from which respondents were drawn consisted of 1530 U.S. adults, contacted from Wednesday to Sunday of last week. Respondents were contact by live interviewers via cell phones and landlines. Gallup utilizes quotas of 600 landline contacts and 400 cell phone contacts per 1000 respondents. Data was weighted for demographics, phone status and multiple adults in households. The margin of error was +/-4 points.

Obama Approval Up Among Several Demographics

While recent public debates regarding birth control may have something to do with the 2 point increase in approval among women since early March, Obama’s most significant gain is among men. His current 45 percent approval rating among men is the highest recorded by Gallup since July 2011, and represents a 4 point increase from the previous week. This indicates that the higher ratings may be tied more to economic outlook than social issues. Obama’s approval also increased by 2 points each among Democrat, Republican and Independent demographics.

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