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A hypothetical lead over Obama may benefit Romney going into the GOP primaries. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

A Rasmussen public opinion poll has President Barack Obama trailing GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney by the largest margin yet reported by any major pollster. Forty-five percent of likely voters contacted by Rasmussen suggested they would vote for Romney if he faced Obama in a hypothetical presidential election, while 39 percent indicated support for Obama.  Rasmussen polling also found a generic Republican candidate ahead of Obama by one point.

Rasmussen Polling Methodology

The public opinion poll was conducted by telephone between December 27 and December 28.  The sample consisted of 1000 self-identified likely general election voters. Rasmussen delivers its surveys through Pulse Opinion Research, and uses an automated process to dial respondents and conduct interviews. Phone calls to respondents were made between 5 to 9 P.M. local time, on the two days the survey was conducted.  Rasmussen only dials landlines, and uses internet polling to gather opinions from respondents who no longer use traditional telephones.  Poll results are weighted for demographics and party affiliation.
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