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Switch to salad for one meal, and improve your health outcomes. Image by typofi

Live Longer With Reduced Meat Intake?

According to Dr. Pan, the most important aspect of this research for the general public is the need for a small change in eating habits. “… try to replace red meat by other healthy protein sources, like plant-based foods, fish, poultry etc., and eliminate processed red meat.” 

In addition, the impact of these changes on public health could be significant. Dr. Pan says, “More and more studies have found that red meat, particularly processed red meat, has been consistently associated with increased risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke and certain cancers. Our study builds on these findings and further point out the mortality risk associated with high amount of red meat intake. Because red meat consumption is so common in the US diet, reducing red meat intake would have a very big public health impact.” 

Maybe it’s time to switch to veggie-burgers?


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