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Pinning Artistic Works

Any type of artwork is allowed on the site. Image by jelene

Any type of artwork is allowed on the site. Image by jelene

Artistic works are allowed on the site. For example, someone may post a link to a painting by an artist or a sculpture in a museum. As Pinterest now offers business pages, museums and art galleries are able to post pictures of their own collections, which could include some nudity. That isn’t the type of material that is annoying the public; it is content that has full frontal nudity, exposed breasts, or sexual content.

Pinterest Porn: What Can Users Do?

There is a report function on the website where users can report a pin or a user for the images on a board. However, this doesn’t stop a child from seeing the material; a child is allowed to sign up to Pinterest from the age of 13. Reporting is important; it helps Pinterest to keep the website user- and child-friendly. Pinterest will only remove content that does break the Terms of Service and will not remove anything that is considered artwork.

Unfortunately, other than reporting pins or users, there is no other way to filter the images, which will be disappointing for many to hear.

What Will Pinterest Do?

A member of the Pinterest customer support team has responded to a query from Decoded Science, saying that Pinterest is looking for ways to remove images automatically so that users will not have to deal with seeing the inappropriate pins. They are working as quickly as possible to find a solution and apologize for the inconvenience for the images that break the Terms of Service. Erica Billups, a spokesperson for Pinterest, did confirm that there was no current filtering system and reporting was the only option but that filtering “is something the team is looking towards.

Graphic Images on Pinterest: Reporting is the Only Option

If you report a pin and it is deemed pornographic in nature, the image will be removed completely from the site. This includes removing it from the boards of the original pinner and of anyone who has re-pinned the image on their boards. All users are informed of the removal of the image and the reason for it. According to Enid Hwang, the community manager for Pinterest, “The majority of pins are flagged correctly and community-policing is effective for us.

Reporting doesn’t offer a proactive solution but Pinterest is working towards a filtering system. At the moment, they have a way to control the images through the reporting system and the rude pins do not stay up for too long. Until a solution is found, users are encouraged to report all pins and users that they find breaking the Terms of Service; concerned parents may just want to keep their kids off the social pinning site until filtering is in place.


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