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Is there any way to filter inappropriate material from Pinterest? Image by Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media site that has grown considerably during 2012 – after only being made public in 2011. As the creators say, the site is a virtual pinboard where users can create boards to place images that they like or love, from any website. Pinterest users create boards for all kinds of topics, from help with wedding planning to choosing baby products and fashion, or even pinning favorite artwork. However, there have been some unhappy users dissatisfied with the amount of pornographic material placed on the website.

Pinterest Terms of Service: No Nudity

Pinterest’s Terms of Service clearly state that nudity is not allowed. The first part of the Terms of Service state that the user is responsible for the content they post. As a clear translation, the Pinterest site says:

Also, don’t post porn or spam or be a jerk to other Pinners. Oh, and we can actually use your suggestions to make Pinterest better.

The Support Forums also offer an answer to the question about the type of content allowed:

We do not allow nudity, hateful content, or content that actively promotes self-harm on Pinterest.

– Our no nudity policy applies to photographic images. It does not apply to illustrations, paintings, sculptures, etc. We do not allow nude photographic images…

However, another part of the Terms of Service states that users agree that they may be exposed to content that is not suitable for children, is inaccurate or may be unsuited for purpose. Pinterest will not assume any liability for the content that is placed on the website but they will remove anything that goes against their terms… if they see it.

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