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The forecast for Saturday, courtesy of NOAA. Cool air covers much of the US, with hot weather confined to the extreme south and southeast.

The forecast for Saturday, courtesy of NOAA. Cool air covers much of the US, with hot weather confined to the extreme south and southeast.

An early season chill will cover much of the United States this weekend – there’s even a little snow (remember what that is?) in Colorado — but the large cool high pressure system over the eastern half of the country, courtesy of a pronounced dip in the jet stream, will bring a refreshing change from the recent heat wave.

If the jet stream pattern continues into winter, midwest cities could experience all-time record low temperatures. But now it just makes for clear, crisp early fall days.

Kids are playing football; grownups are playing football; the baseball season hurtles towards the playoffs; fish are migrating; leaves are turning bright colors; and there are still music and food festivals in big cities and the boonies. What could be bad?

Europe’s Weekend Weather

Europe will also have a fine weekend for  activities. The long stretch of above-average temperatures will continue, and from now on the warmth will be appreciated. A storm that has been basically stationary offshore for the past week will begin to move slowly towards the continent; but the effects, in the form of clouds and rain, won’t be felt until the start of the new work week.

Decoded Science highlights some of the interesting events each weekend and the weather that will be encountered by those participating or attending. These are just a few suggestions; look around your neighborhood for events closer to home, or just sit back and watch football or baseball on the tube before you fire up the barbecue.

Major League Baseball

The season is winding down, with about 20 games left in the regular season for each team. Several playoff spots are still up for grabs, and Decoded Science thinks the following matchup is the most compelling of the weekend.

Oakland @ Seattle, Saturday, 9:10 p.m. EDT

These teams are in a three-way fight with Detroit for two playoff spots. Oakland’s pitching ace Sonny Gray goes against Seattle’s best, Felix Hernandez. Hernandez may be on his way to another Cy Young award; he pitched six scoreless innings in his last start.

Weather: Last Saturday it was 90 degrees in Seattle. It is still warmer than normal — upper 70s versus lower 70s —  and there is no rain in sight.

Professional Football

The season is only a week old, but already there have been some surprises: Miami ambushed Tom Brady and the Patriots; Atlanta, a perennial doormat, got off to a good start; Minnesota looked even better than Seattle in winning their first game. So Decoded Science has made the following game its pick of the week.

New England Patriots @ Minnesota Vikings, Sunday, 1 p.m., EDT

Tom Brady was bounced around by Miami and he usually bounces back after a beating. Or is being married to a Supermodel just too much even for an accomplished athlete? The Patriots will probably come out like a hive of mad bees, and this game should be a good indication as to whether the Vikings are for real.

Weather: It’s early fall but it will feel like late October in Minneapolis (actually the stadium is in Bloomington). You couldn’t ask for better football weather: temperatures in the 60s with low humidity.

High School And College Football

There are no must-see, marquee college matchups this week, as the serious conference play has not begun. So just go out and take in a local college or high school game. Most of them are on Saturday, but some are Friday night.

Music Festivals

Music Festivals are still in full swing with the fine fall weather. There should be one in your neighborhood. Here’s one Decoded Science thinks is especially intriguing.

Sea Music Festival, San Francisco, Saturday, Hyde Street Pier

Traditional songs of the sea with 32 performers on two stages and onboard a couple of historic vessels. Your chance to have a seagoing experience without getting queasy.

Weather: Low clouds in the morning will give way to a warmer-than-normal and sunny day.

Food Festivals

Food festivals are omnipresent this weekend, from local events to statewide affairs. Here’s one that made Decoded Science’s collective mouth water.

33rd Annual Biloxi Seafood Festival, Point Cadet Plaza, Biloxi, Mississippi, Saturday and Sunday

The title is self-explanatory, but this celebration includes kids’ games, crafts, continuous live entertainment, and a gumbo contest (of course).

Weather: The cold front won’t affect the Gulf Coast, so the weather will be seasonable: temperature near 90 with a chance of a thunderstorm.

For Participants In REALLY Good Condition

Headlands Marathon, 50, 75 & 100, Sausalito, California, Saturday and Sunday

Yes, those numbers represent miles — that’s how many you have to run. Just thinking about the marathon, let alone the others, makes me feel faint. But those in SUPER shape will enjoy the spectacular vistas of the Golden Gate Bridge and the California coastline.

Salt Water Fishing

Fall brings a change in the activities of migratory fish species. They need to eat to fuel their bodies for a swim that may be as long as several thousand miles. September is probably the best fishing month of the year.

Striped bass. Illustration courtesy of NOAA

Striped bass. Illustration courtesy of NOAA

Decoded Science’s pick of the week is striped bass fishing in Massachusetts. Boaters will find only a fraction of the traffic of just a couple of weeks ago. Two reasons:

  • Labor Day is the final ‘official’ day of summer. Kids are back to school and many casual anglers hang it up for the year.
  • The commercial striped bass season is closed as the quota has been filled.

For anglers sans boat, any of the Cape Cod beaches could produce blitzes of bass gorging themselves on mackerel, sand eels, menhaden or a number of other species of bait fish. The bass are often joined by hungry bluefish.

For the competitive angler, the 69th annual Martha’s Vineyard Derby begins Saturday and runs through October 18. There are prizes for many species of fish; boat, surf and fly fishing awards; and even a kayak division.

Surfing Weather in September

September is often the best surfing month for casual board or body surfers. Storms at sea that create surfable waves are more frequent than in summer; and water temperatures are still at or near their yearly peak.

The west coast will see waves from Hurricane Odile which will be moving past the tip of Baja California. On the east coast, waves from an old ocean storm should make for fine surfing north of Cape Hatteras.

Leaf Peeping

The leaves have started to turn in the far north of the United States, from Idaho through Michigan and in northern New England. Trees will also be turning at higher elevations farther south in the Rockies and Appalachians. Gas prices are headed down, so a tour of the trees might make for a nice Saturday sojourn.

Plenty To Do

Get out this weekend and sample some of the activity in your area. You may end up with a memory for the winter weekends when outdoor activity will be more restricted.

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