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Whether you’re just getting into weed or you’re a long-time stoner, you might not yet realise that the online dispensary business is booming. If you’re looking for a dispensary in Canada, the best bet nowadays is to go online for a whole plethora of reasons. Looking for how and buy weed online in Canada? Great! Here’s a few pointers.

Canadian Online Dispensary

Ever walked around your city or neighbourhood and thought to yourself that there’s very few dispensaries around given that weed has been legal in Canada since 2018? You’re not wrong!

Physical dispensaries are usually few and far between for two reasons. For one, opening up a storefront is expensive both in the long and short term, and secondly, many provinces make it difficult to attain a license to open a physical dispensary.

This is largely due to the fact that it was up to states to implement the legality of recreational marijuana, meaning each of them has different laws surrounding licensing, as well as the fact that the provincial government can attempt to limit the amount of dispensaries that open in order to keep cannabis products somewhat inaccessible to most.

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Where to Buy Pot Online

As the online dispensary Canada business is booming, there are endless online dispensaries that you could order from. We usually reccommend shopping around until you find an online dispensary that you find is a good fit for you, as many of them specialize in different things and offer different benefits if you become a member with them.

Some specialize in bulk prices for those of you who are veteran/frequent stoners, whilst some specialize in doing whacky strain flavors, and others in having a wide variety of edibles.

As different dispensaries offer different benefits, it’s always worth trying out a few before settling with one. It’s easy enough to use Google to search for an online dispensary in order to buy weed online, or alternatively you can use sites such as WeedMaps or Leafly to find a dispensary that suits your needs when it comes to cannabis products.

Is BudExpress now legit?

As weed is now legal in Canada, the answer is yes. BudExpress is fully legal, licensed, and prides itself on being one of the best online dispensaries in Canada for both recreational and medical marijuana.

They maintain complete privacy for all their customers, ship in the most discreet forms of packaging, and offer 9am-9pm PST customer service daily.

Is Pot Cargo Legit?

Yes! Similarly to BudExpress, Pot Cargo is a fully legit mail-order marijuana dispensary online. They’re based in British Columbia, and are famous for their ounce specials. If you’re looking for a good weed deal in Canada, they’re a great place to start!

They also use discreet packaging with secure privacy policies, as well as a sign-up deal that allows you to get $20 off your first purchase.

This is especially helpful for those of you out there looking to shop around, as you can get $100 worth of cannabis products for $80. This means the investment is slightly less so you can try out more products for cheaper!

Where Can I Buy Pot in Ontario?

Ontario’s laws surrounding online dispensary licensing are slightly different to those in other provinces, meaning you can only order weed online in Ontario from Ontario Cannabis Store. If you order from anywhere else, you could end up with a fine of up to $100,000 CAD and/or be sent to prison for a year.

That’s a large price to pay for trying to buy weed online! So be sensible, and follow the restrictions of the state.

You can also buy weed in-store in Ontario, via which there is a larger choice of vendors. Unfortunately due to Ontario’s backlog of dispensary licensing applications, there still aren’t many to choose from (and many are in or around the Toronto area), but you can use this government-official map to check where your nearest dispensary is.

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Whether you’re looking for a one-off party experience with edibles or it’s simply the way you prefer to get high on the regular, edibles are definitely a smart choice when shopping for weed online.

Is it Legal to Buy Edibles Online in Canada?

The short answer is yes. Weed first became legal in Canada in October of 2018, wherein it was only legal to buy and sell dried weed as opposed to edibles (or any other form of concentrates). In 2019 came a ‘second wave’ of legalization, where most forms of weed concentrates became legal; edibles, shatters, vapes, etc.

This means that as of October 2019, edibles are now legal, and they are legal to buy both online and in-store (in most provinces/territories).

Where to Buy Edibles in Canada

Now that you’ve realised edibles are finally legal in Canada, you’re probably itching to order some. We certainly would be!

With online dispensaries usually offering the highest quality of edibles in Canada, we would always recommend shopping online for edibles in Canada rather than going to a physical store.

Online, you’ll generally find a much wider variety of choice when it comes to edibles, particularly if you’re looking for something that meets certain dietary requirements. With edibles being one of the most popular ways to take cannabis, it isn’t hard to find an online dispensary in Canada that will have everything you need and more.

As mentioned before, simply Google online dispensaries until you find one that you like, or use a cannabis database website which will allow you to see the reviews for each online weeds dispensary that you consider.

The beauty of buying edibles online, rather than in-store, is that you can see the reviews left by other customers on each of the products. As you probably only want to be consuming edibles that are rated 4 or rated 5 both for your own enjoyment and value for money, this makes ordering edibles online the best way of buying them.

Mail Order Marijuana Benefits

Mail-order marijuana, or ‘MOMs’ as this Reddit thread refers to it as, is simply cannabis that you order online. There are many benefits to ordering marijuana online as opposed to going in store- here are just a few of them.

Free Shipping

Most websites selling cannabis products offer some form of free shipping. This is perfect for those of you who are too busy to go out into the city to find the local dispensary and buy before it closes each day. You can simply order it, free of shipping costs, then not have to think about it until it turns up at your doorstep (which is usually pretty quickly!).

It’s also for those of you looking to get high on a budget, as you can still enjoy the wider variety of products offered by online stores whilst not having to worry about any extra costs on top of those that you’d pay at a brick-and-mortar store.

Medical Marijuana

If you’re looking for medical marijuana, taking your marijuana orders to the internet is advisable. If you’re too sick to leave the house to go to your local dispensary, or you live very far from one, ordering online gives you the peace of mind that you’ll have marijuana to manage your symptoms as and when you need it.

This is particularly helpful for those of you who require medical marijuana during the COVID-19 pandemic; if you’re in the ‘vulnerable’ category of the virus, you can order your weed online instead to minimize the risk of you getting infected.

Customer Service

There’s often a misconception that online stores won’t be able to live up to the experience of having a face-to-face conversation with somebody in a store. This simply isn’t true, and in fact, many websites where you can order marijuana offer better customer service than brick-and-mortar stores.

They often have around-the-clock customer service that ensures your questions will be answered quickly and accurately whenever you need.


It’s been said many a time that unfortunately, physical stores just don’t have the same capacity for products that online stores do. Online, you’ll find that most stores have a huge variety of products, meaning more strains and rated 5 products for you to play around with!

This also means a larger variety of equipment and special products (such as tinctures or sample packs) on offer which are usually rare to find in physical stores.


During the current time of pandemic, it’s advised that you stay at home and practice social distancing as much as is possible. That means if you don’t have to go out to buy weed, you shouldn’t! Instead, stay home and order it online, where you’re less likely to contract the virus and you can still get your high on all the same.


Ordering online is one of the most discreet and anonymous ways you could possibly buy weed. It avoids you having to see anybody in-person, and websites are required by their privacy policies to keep your information secure, meaning nobody ever has to know that you buy cannabis (if you don’t want them to!).

Online dispensaries also ship in super discreet packaging, meaning you don’t have to worry about your cohabitants or colleagues knowing that you ordered weed!

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