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Barack Obama may be getting closer to the 50 percent approval rating that historically leads to re-election. Photo credit: SEIU Walk a Day in My Shoes 2008

A poll released Tuesday puts Barack Obama’s presidential approval rating at 49 percent, the highest it’s been since March, 2011, based on Washington Post/ABC News Polling. The survey, which was released at the same time as a CNN poll that gave Obama an identical approval rating, marks the third poll so far in December where the President’s approval has outweighed his disapproval. No other major pollster has reported a positive spread in presidential approval since July, 2011. Approval for Obama’s handling of the economy, the issue with which he’s had the most consistent negative polling, has also risen to 41 percent, up from 38 percent last month. However, approval for the president’s economic policy has not rebounded to the extent that his overall approval has, as 60 percent approved of his economic approach in March, 2011. Additionally, approval for President’s Obama’s ability to create jobs is down one point from last month, at 39 percent.

WP/ABC Poll Methodology

The poll was conducted by live telephone interviewing between December 15 and December 18, using a sample of 1,005 adults. Respondents were contacted via landline and cell phone. A sub-sample of 395 respondents who stated they leaned Republican in their political philosophy were asked additional questions regarding the GOP primaries. The margin of error for the general sample was +/-3.5 points, and for the sub-sample was +/- 6 points.

Was the Poll Biased?

The methodology used by WP/ABC generally follows good polling practices and the scientific method. However, there can be some inaccuracy in presidential polls when the sample consists of adults, rather than those deemed to be likely voters based on registration or stated intention to vote. Information released by WP/ABC does not reveal whether weighting was used to account for the segment of the population that does not turn out to vote.
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