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No Apple sales on Cyber Monday 2012? Image by VLN

Has the Apple store stepped away from the table this post-Thanksgiving shopping season?

If you’re waiting for Cyber Monday to purchase that new iPad Mini or iPhone 5 from Apple, you may have already waited too long; the Apple store has not announced any Cyber Monday deals on electronics.

Apple Deals: Holiday Shopping

In 2012, Apple announced a special one-day sales event for Black Friday, but has not yet announced sales information for Cyber Monday.

As a result, ABC News’ Suzanna Kim suggests that Apple will not offer any Cyber Monday discounts this year at all. Instead, shoppers are limited to other outlets, such as or even Walmart, to satisfy holiday cravings for Macs, iPhone 5s, and iPads.

Walmart Cyber Monday Apple Deals

Among other Apple products, Walmart is offering special sales prices on the Apple iPod Touch bundle (4th generation, 16GB model) – about $20.00 less than the same product on Amazon and in the Apple store, and including a number of additional accessories. What do the specs on this deal mean?

  • 4G, or 4th generation, refers to the iPod’s place in the line of releases. The first iPad Touch was “first generation,” for example. When the next version was released, it was the “second generation,” and so on.
  • The GB of a device is the amount of memory it holds. This model has 16GB, which translates to enough memory for thousands of songs.

Apple iPad Mini: Cyber Monday Deals

Although there are no advertised sales on the Apple iPad Mini, there are some sources that are cheaper than others. Interestingly, the Apple store and Walmart offer the device for the same price, while Amazon’s price is considerably higher. What’s so special about the iPad Mini? According to Apple, it has 1080p HD video recording and an A5 chip.

The term “1080p” means that the video has 1,080 lines of resolution that scans in successive lines rather than interlaced lines, which scan alternately, one after another. In other words, this is high-resolution video.

HD is short for “High Definition,” the new standard in video, according to Nintendo’s design team for the Wii U, also a hot gift this season.

The A5 chip is manufactured by Samsung, and is a very advanced chip, although reports indicate that the next generation A6 is twice as fast. As with 4G, the A5 simply refers to the generation of the chip; the A6 is the most advanced and up-to-date chip at this point.

Cyber Monday and Apple

Black Friday’s sales are over, and although Apple may not be offering any online Cyber Monday sales on electronics, computers, tablets or accessories, you may be able to find special deals on iPhones, iPads, and Macs at other stores. Always compare specs to make sure you’re getting the best deal, and consider waiting for big purchases until after the New Year – a rain check gift may be better than giving an older model for a higher price.


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