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Are you ready for the Wii U? Image by HollyGreenGames

Wii U Online: Browse the Internet

As long as there is a wireless Internet connection available, you can browse the Internet from the Wii U controller. The screen is larger than a smartphone, which offers a clearer view of web pages and easier viewing. If you are at home, you can also connect the Wii U to your TV so everything you browse is on the larger screen, which makes viewing pages or watching videos with others easier and more comfortable. The GamePad also acts as a infrared remote control for your television set; you can change channel, adjust the sound, and even change the settings on your TV from your Wii U.

What’s the Miiverse?

Communicating while playing video games is ever more popular in the gaming world. The Xbox Live offers gamers the ability to talk to friends through headphones and microphones while playing, so Nintendo simply had to release something similar. The Miiverse is their answer – with the Miiverse, you can have direct communication with others in the Miiverse to share your experience and find out more about games.

This world allows players to challenge friends at the same game, or work together to complete a difficult level. Video chat is also available so you can communicate face to face with other Wii U users.

Wii U: Just a Way to Combat Pressure from Microsoft and Sony?

Is the Wii U just a way to combat the likes of Microsoft and Sony by introducing the ability to communicate wirelessly while playing games? While the introduction of the Miiverse looks that way, the ability to connect the Wii, the TV and Internet together at the same time tells another story. Nintendo is working to improve the way consumers enjoy just about everything these days, including playing games – through smartphones and tablet computers.

The Nintendo Wii U is the first major change to the Wii console since the console was released in 2006. The company has been concentrating on the DS handhold console, but sales were not as expected for the 3DS. Nintendo expects around 3.5 million consoles to be sold and expects shortages, so get ready for some competition this Black Friday.


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