Nintendo Wii U: Just a Gimmick to Battle Competition?


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The Mario Brothers are iconic Nintendo characters. Image by Tobyotter

The Nintendo Wii U is now available in the United States, just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Until now, Nintendo has done little to add to the Wii experience, but the Wii U allows users to play on their Nintendo Wii in a completely new way, while offering additional experiences and features. The question many people have is whether it is really worth the extra money. What will the Wii U allow you to do?

Wii U Controller: Gaming via Touchscreen

The Wii U GamePad is a whole new kind of controller for a game console – touchscreen, and Internet-ready, the Game Pad will let you pause the game and browse the Internet for cheats or to chat with friends in the Miiverse. You can find out how to get all the star coins in Mario or find out how to defeat a bad guy in Crash – no need to stop a game partway through because you cannot complete it.

Download Games Directly onto the Wii U

One problem with buying new games is that you need to browse in a store for the game and then wait in the long line to buy it. The Wii U, however, connects to the Nintendo online store and you can download some games directly onto the device. In addition, you can also watch game trailers on the GamePad, even if you’re away from your Wii device. You can also read the description of the game and find out how popular it is – for those games that are out in stores – to find out whether the game is worth spending your money on.

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