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The Nexus 4 wait period is currently 6-8 weeks. Can you wait that long? Image: Screenshot by VLN

The Nexus 4 disappointed many potential buyers by going out of stock right after its release – now, however a few happy customers report that their new smartphone is on its way to their door.

Those who haven’t yet purchased Google’s new phone may be looking for Cyber Week deals, but Google’s limited product drop means that they may be disappointed – the Nexus 4 is out of stock once more.

E-Commerce Fail?

The Google Play store experienced many problems during the initial release of the Nexus 4, but shoppers had high hopes for the second release, despite great demand for the smartphone. High hopes, however, were dashed when many avid fans experienced delays and even errors on Google’s e-commerce site – and when the new stock of the phone sold out in under a minute.

Users saw notices that the phone was sold out before it was actually gone, and some never saw the phone listed as in-stock at all, according to The Next Web. Even worse, some shoppers who actually were lucky enough to ‘get’ a phone while it was in stock saw the phone disappear from their shopping cart. Disappointing, to say the least. The Nexus 4 currently lists as out of stock, and will ship when available.

It’s unlikely that problems with ordering will dampen the enthusiasm of many potential customers, but Google’s e-commerce department has some lessons to learn from the experience in general.

Nexus 4 Features

If you’re waiting for your Nexus 4, why not pass the time by thinking about some of the features you’ll enjoy once it finally ships. After all – what’s the point of spending several hundred dollars on a phone if you don’t take advantage of the fancy bells and whistles?

  • 8MP Camera: What does 8MP mean? MP stands for ‘megapixels’ and is one million pixels. Each pixel is a tiny spot, and each photo is made up of a collection of pixels in different colors. In brief, the more pixels in proportion to the photo size, the better the resolution.
  • Voice Search: You ask Google a question, “Should I take the left turn at Albuquerque?” and it responds. How does this work? Programmers use natural language processing software to help computers ‘understand’ – or at least translate – human speech. In essence, each word or even syllable is compared against a huge storehouse of speech files to find a match. When the computer matches the spoken words to a word on file, it can interpret the question and find an answer through a database search. In Google’s case, the Nexus searches the Knowledge Graph.
  • Gesture Typing: Instead of laboriously pecking out messages, Google says you can now use ‘gesture typing’ – a form of swiping – to send texts and emails. Check out a demo here:

  • 2GB RAM: A gigabyte of RAM is 1,000,000,000 bytes, and 2 GB of RAM, memory that the computer (You thought this was just a phone?) uses to run programs, is a healthy amount of memory.

Great Nexus 4 Deal, Poor Google Execution

Unless Google’s trying to drive interest by making it more difficult to get a Nexus 4, the technology giant’s made a few mistakes during the first Nexus 4 release and subsequent botched release of the coveted smartphone. Although some customers have been appeased by a reimbursement of shipping costs due to delays, many prospective Nexus 4 owners are unhappy by the lack of available product.


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