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Coaching Boys Into Men showed reduction in violence from male athletes: Photo by Ebgundy

Expanding the CBIM Program

The Coaching Boys Into Men  program showed that ‘coached’ teenage boys were more likely to intervene against violence if they witnessed it than the control group were. The teen boys in the CBIM program also reported greater awareness of what constitutes violence, and changed their behavior to avoid potentially violent situations.

The program is now expanding into new markets; athletes were just a starting point for this successful program. Asked whether the program could work in other males, not just athletes, Dr. Miller stated,

Yes, the Coaching Boys into Men Card Series curriculum could be easily adapted for other settings where adult men work closely as mentors to young men. Although coaching is a powerful platform for the program because of the values of teamwork and fair play that are already emphasized in athletics, we also understand the need for local communities to adapt the program to make it as accessible as possible for the young people in their work.

Reducing Teen Violence Through Mentoring

The CBIM program has expanded beyond Sacramento, and other groups are now working with Coaching Boys Into Men, dealing with both athletes and non-athletes. The program will continue to be monitored into the future, but additional rigorous studies, such as this one, are not planned at this time.  Dr. Miller believes that the program will help reduce teen violence. If this study is any indication, she may be right.


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