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Nemo was a significant storm - image by NASA

Nemo was a significant storm – image by NASA

Northeastern Storms: Drivers Banned From the Roads Due to Poor Conditions

The concern about the storm rested not only on the snowfall amounts, but also on the fact that two low pressure systems were set to meet: one with abundant moisture and the other with strong winds. This created dangerous driving conditions.

Taking a page from the 1978 history books, several states instituted state wide travel bans. Drivers venturing out into the storm in Massachusetts and Rhode Island faced fines of up to $500 and a year in prison, although Massachusetts Live reported that troopers were not ticketing, but were simply encouraging people to stay home.

Utility and health care workers and others such as news media covering the storm were exempt from the ban. On Saturday, Governor Deval Patrick said that he felt that the ban had worked well. A similar ban was put into place during the blizzard of 1978.

Coming Storms: Blizzards Visit the North Central US

In the coming days, the weather in the Northeast will be relatively tame compared to Friday’s large snowfall. The National Weather Service maps show more concern for the north central US, where another combination of snowfall and high winds will create blizzard conditions. As the Northeast digs out from Friday’s snowfall, South Dakota will feel the winter blues.


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