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Multivariate Pattern Analysis

Music and the brain – Image by Brew Books

However, the team of scientists went further in their investigations and used a more comprehensive technique called multivariate pattern analysis (MPA) to examine the fMRI signal responses. This finer analysis showed that although the prefrontal and temporal areas were activated similarly, differences were apparent in the type of processing seen across different areas of the brain suggesting that music and language share similar neurological  resources but they are accessed and used differently for each one.

Different Attributes Force Differential Brain Processing

Levitin explains that the differential processing discoveries could be because direct comparisons cannot be made between music and language.  Unlike speech, music lacks external referents; there are brain structures that react to differences in speech intelligibility and meaning,  music does not have these features. Levitin concludes that more experimental work will need to be carried out to get to the bottom of whether these particular differences cause the processing anomalies uncovered in this investigation.


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