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Innovative System: Floating Tracking Cooling Concentrator (FTCC)

An FTCC plant floats in open bodies of water. Photo from Scienza Industria Tecnologia

A new system, called Floating Tracking Cooling Concentrator (FTCC), was developed by the Italian company, Scienza Industria Tecnologia. This system can partially reduce the problems mentioned above, making the PVs more efficient and competitive.

In the FTCC plants, the panels are placed on floating platforms in water basins; the platforms are supported by a structure made of polyethylene tubes. The picture on the side shows one of these systems, built in a small village in the province of Pisa (central Italy).

Highly Reduced Impact on the Environment

The FCTT systems can be located in unused water basins and/or reservoirs; this partially solves the problems associated with the use of big open fields. Furthermore, FTCC plants do not require a fixed structure; this means that, when necessary, the plants can be removed, without any considerable effect on the environment. Due to the simplicity of the removal process, the decommissioning cost is also quite low (less than one percent of the cost of the plant).

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