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Your Windows 8 tablet won’t have the option to browse via Chrome or Firefox. Image by elessar_x

Microsoft Taken to Court to Force Changes

Unnamed complainants have already tried taking Microsoft to antitrust agency in Brussels to force the creators to make changes and allow other browsers to be used on the operating system, but the EU regulators ruled that Microsoft will not be forced to make those changes much to other companies’ disappointment.

After hearing the decision, a statement from Mozilla stated, “We hope the European Commission is correct in its conclusions, and users are not deprived of browser choice in Windows RT operating systems.”

However, Microsoft did not emerge unscathed from the EU regulators.

The company was informed that Windows 8 would need to follow the agreement they signed in 2009, which means that users will still need to be able to select their own default browser in the classic screen, with no warnings from Microsoft, and Internet Explorer cannot be pinned to the start menu. Internet Explorer 10 will be the default option for users.

Your Web Browser

Samsung released the first device using the Windows 8 operating system on October 26, 2012 – the Surface RT, which follows the ARM version. No desktops or laptops have been released with Windows 8, but these releases are not far behind. So far, a definite decision on the style of Windows 8 for laptops and computers has not been released. Based on statements from the EU regulators about Microsoft following guidelines set out in 2009, it is likely that users will have the ability to choose browsers on computers and laptops but not on tablets and smartphones using the ARM version.


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