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Malls Aren’t Just Centers For Christmas Shoppers in America: Photo By Alina Zienowicz

Three Nations, Three Faiths

The findings showed a similar pattern in all three nations, and for all three faiths. When one faith was a majority in an area, the minority faith members came together to shop and talk. In all three nations, the dominant faith would express their holiday openly and throughout the culture. Attempts to tone it back were considered to be a “war” on the faith, such as the “War on Christmas” in America. Yet, the minority religions have begun to evolve their traditions to include items from other faiths.

When asked about this phenomenon, Ruvio commented on,

The mutual influence across religions and cultures with regards to holiday’s rituals. For example, the Muslims in Israel decorate their mosques with lights in a similar way as the Christians.

With the changes in rituals and meeting places, holidays are taking a modern form. The idea that a holiday is organic and changes over time has been reported in history books and journals for decades. The newest innovations are the latest example of how holidays, celebrations, and celebrants evolve over time.


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