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Is a tablet style the right innovative move for Microsoft? Image by Ceo1017

Microsoft released the new Windows 8 Operating System on October 26, 2012 with the Surface RT – will the new OS change the way users interact with Windows?

The Surface RT tablet computer offers the new ARM version of the operating system, keeping up with the way people are now using technology.

The new version leaves many computer users baffled and others excited about the reinvention.

Microsoft: A Move Towards Apps

As users move towards Apps through the use of Smartphones and iPads, it is not surprising that Microsoft has created an operating system to follow their preferences.

The ARM version of the latest operating system looks similar to the Windows phones, and uses tiles instead of a Start menu, which is perfect for those who use touchscreen computer monitors and tablets.

The Windows 8 interface is the perfect option for a new generation that is used to these technological advances, offering a quick way to access information, to select the software of choice, and seamlessly begin to use it. There is no need to wait for software to load up, or to find your favorite program within a long list of other programs in the Start menu.

The problem is that not all computer users are tech-savvy individuals; many are simply used to the original layout and may balk at the changes. Microsoft is not the only company to make a move towards smartphone-styled interfaces: Apple’s iPad uses the iPhone and iPod Touch styles.

Of course, the iPad is a tablet, and the interface is designed for tablet and smartphone use; Apple does not use the same interface on its Macs.

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