Late September Hurricane Watch: Sanba, Lane, Kristy and Nadine


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Typhoon Sanba brought intense rain to South Korea this week. Image Credit: NASA

This week has been relatively quiet in the Atlantic and the Pacific, with smaller storms sweeping through both areas. Over the last few days, however, dangerous rip tides, choppy surf conditions, flooding and gusty winds moved through Japan, Korea, and the Azores.

Typhoon Sanba Brings Power Outages and Flooding

This past Monday, September 17th, Typhoon Sanba poured rain on southwestern Japan and South Korea. Gusty winds, thunderstorms, and strong rainfall caused flooding and landslides. 67,000 homes lost power in Japan, while there were 26,000 power outages in South Korea.

Hurricane Lane and Tropical Storm Kristy Taper Off

Hurricane Lane became a post-tropical cyclone this week, and it will likely disappear by the end of the week – as of Wednesday, Lane was slightly west of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Tropical Storm Kristy also turned into a low-pressure system with much lower winds, although it still caused dangerous rip tide conditions in Baja California.

Tropical Storm Nadine Appears to Be Weakening

Tropical Storm Nadine brought heavy rain to the Azores, causing a tropical storm warning in Flores, Corvo, Faial, Pico, Sao Jorge, Graciosa, Terceira, Sao Miguel and Santa Maria. There have been dangerous rip tides and surf conditions near the islands as well. Nadine appears to be weakening and there is a lack of rising air currents to power the storm.

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