Kate Middleton Hypnobirthing Rumor: Is Hypnosis Effective Pain Relief?


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Hypnobirthing uses deep relaxation and leads to less medical interventions. Photo by: David Roseborough

Reducing Childbirth Pain: Reversing the Cycle

Dr. Dick-Read used imagery and progressive relaxation to reverse the cycle of pain and fear in his patients.

In the paper, Marie Mongan (who developed HypnoBirthing) et al compare the outcomes of births from HypnoBirthing mothers to the U.S. National Vital Statistics Reports from 2009, and to the Listening to Mothers survey.

The study concluded that women who chose HypnoBirthing have fewer medical interventions, fewer IVs, fewer artificial rupture of membranes (breaking the water),  fewer episiotomies, fewer epidurals, and fewer Cesarean sections.

The HypnoBirthing women also were more likely to use midwives, use birthing centers, have more choices in birthing positions, and had infants of older gestational age.

Kate Middleton Hypnobirthing?

Kate Middleton may be choosing this option – and hypnosis for childbirth may be a good option for other pregnant women. However, it is always best to talk with your doctor and/or midwife about all your options before making a firm decision.


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