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Windows Certifications

Microsoft also offers many certifications for IT support staff. A basic Microsoft technology associate (MTA) certificate demonstrates knowledge of basic Windows principles, while a Microsoft-certified IT professional (MCITP) certificate is for more extensive server-based training on SQL, Exchange, or Windows using software from 2008 and up. The Microsoft-certified systems engineer (MCSE) certification provides training for older Windows servers. While keeping up with the latest software may sound like the best idea, if you have an older server still hanging around in your network, a MCSE is a handy tech to have around.

Choosing Certifications

Choosing IT certifications will depend heavily on the technological makeup of your company. If, for example, you have only a few Mac users, you may not be able to sell an additional Mac certification as a necessity. On the other hand, if your business uses a complex integration of Windows and Mac technology, a combination of certifications will clearly be most beneficial.

The bottom line: If you can customize your certifications to address the specific needs of your employer’s business, the additional training will benefit both technical and server support within your organization, as well as providing some much-needed job security in a volatile business climate.


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