IT Certifications: Are Apple or Windows Certs Best for IT Professionals?


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Well-trained IT staff members are an important part of any tech department, but the battle lines between the Windows and Apple camps are clearly drawn, even on the average resume.  When you’re faced with the choice, which will you pick – Mac or Windows certifications?

Although you may already have some IT certifications, you may not have the certs that you need for your current job. You’ve asked your boss for additional classes, but when it comes time to authorize more training, your employer may need some convincing. Be ready to explain why your company needs more people certified in your chosen area of expertise.

Apple Certifications

Apple offers a wide variety of certifications for users, trainers, and technical support. An Apple-certified Mac technician, for example, should have the knowledge necessary to troubleshoot and repair an Apple product, while an Apple-certified technical coordinator receives more extensive training in networking with Macs. Be aware that simple certification is not enough for authorization to perform maintenance on an Apple product – there’s a separate process for that. Keeping an in-house repair person to provide ongoing maintenance for a company’s Macs can be cost effective if you have several Macs. Businesses can sign up for Apple’s self-servicing account program, but only if the organization has 50 or more Mac computers and agrees to certain terms, such as not servicing anyone else’s Mac.

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