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Have you already updated your iPhone to iOS6 or are you waiting for reviews? Image by Crass

iOS6 is the new operating system for Apple devices, including the iPad3, iPhone 5 and Mini iPad.

Those with older devices have the option – or will be getting the option – to update to the newest operating system. Is iOS6 the best option, or should you keep the older iOS5?

iOS6: Become More Social Than Ever Before

Many users have found that they can integrate with social networks more with iOS6. It is easier to add photos to Facebook, which had to be done through the Facebook app in the past.

There are now nine options for photo lovers, including assigning to a contact and printing the photos.

The operating system also allows the devices to add information from Facebook to the phone. Facebook friends are added to the contact list, along with the photos on the social media site and all contact details. When the names match names already in the contact list, the two are integrated together. Birthdays are also added to the calendar.

Some users have found this relatively annoying, especially adding the whole contact list since some just include Facebook details. The full list of birthdays also makes it difficult to find something important in the device’s calendar. You can to prevent both of these issues pretty easily.

  • To remove Facebook birthdays, go into the Calendar and click “Calendars” in the top left-hand corner. Scroll down to the section on Facebook and uncheck “Birthdays.”
  • To remove Facebook contacts, go into “Contacts” and click on “Groups” in the top left-hand corner. Uncheck “Facebook” and it will remove all the contacts that are from Facebook online. However, this will not remove the Facebook details of those contacts you have phone numbers for.

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