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A hot iPad 3 may be a safety or fire hazard: Image by iprole

Reducing Heat Issues in Small Devices

As the requirement for longer battery times continues, and the power-drain on devices increases, the need for reducing heat in small devices will become greater. Netbooks are notorious for overheating issues, some becoming too hot to type on after just an hour or so, but the thinner, more delicate tablet, with less room for fans and other internal cooling devices, may be even more vulnerable as batteries become more robust.

What can manufacturers do to reduce the heat emanating from a small computing device, when there’s just no room for a real fan or other cooling device? The best solution is a smaller battery, such as the nanowire battery, perhaps. Technology continues to advance, but the path between discovery and marketability is long. In the meantime, users should contact Apple if their new iPad is too hot to use.

iPad 3 Heat Concerns

114 degrees Fahrenheit is pretty hot, as hand-held devices go: enough to cause burns and potentially become a fire hazard – at the very least, it can render the device unusable, according to The Next Web. Could this be enough of an issue to inspire a recall of the iPad 3, or at least to reduce sales numbers of the device which is selling like, pardon the expression, hotcakes?


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