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If your new iPad 3 feels too hot, don't worry – it's not just you – Image by winlord.

Is your new iPad 3 heating up really fast? You’re not alone – the Apple forums are abuzz with concerns from users about excessive overheating.

Customer Complaints About the iPad 3

Apple denies any problems with the new iPad, assuring customers that it’s operating within specifications, but users are concerned. The Apple Support Community is ablaze with complaints, although many users state that it’s not uncomfortably warm, one user commented, “It’s a hot one, I think I will use it to fry my eggs in the morning.

Is the New iPad’s Battery Too Big?

The new iPad has an operating range of temperatures that range from the low 30s to 95 degrees F., or 35 degrees C., which is exactly the same as the stated range for the iPad 2. However, the new iPad’s battery is bigger and denser than the older iPad’s battery, in a same-size unit. The larger battery may be contributing to the increased temperature problems, as measured by Tweakers.net. According to their tests, the iPad 3 temps went all the way up to 46 degrees Celsius, or 114 degrees Fahrenheit!

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