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This week was a quiet one in the oceans. There were no major hurricanes in the Atlantic or Pacific regions of North America, nor were there any large tropical storms on the horizon.

Tropical Cyclone and Hurricane Forecast for the Week of October 23rd

Heavy rain is expected in Central America early this week. Image Credit: Morocco

As the hurricane season moves into its last month, there are few storms upcoming in the next week. In the Pacific region, there is a less than 10 percent chance that a hurricane will form. The North Atlantic, Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico region is a little stormier, with heavy rain over Honduras and Nicaragua. There is currently an area of low pressure that is moving up toward Central America, where it could become a tropical depression early this week. The low pressure system has a 50 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone on Sunday, October 23rd or Monday, October 24th.

When Does the North American Hurricane Season End?

 Whether you’re planning to travel south, or you live there already, it’s important to plan your activities with an understanding of the prevailing weather patterns in the region. Summertime and early fall in the north is storm season in the equatorial and southern parts of the world. During the hurricane season, resort packages and flights to hurricane-prone areas can be less expensive, but you may also spend part of your vacation in very wet and windy weather.

Seeking quiet beaches? Wait until December or plan your trip around the most hurricane-prone areas. Image Credit: Pale

What can you do to avoid traveling to a hurricane?  There are certain places that tend to escape hurricanes more than most, and one of these is the south-east Caribbean. October and June tend to be the peak months of the hurricane season.  In June, the majority of hurricanes hit the western part of the region. In the fall, there are more hurricanes and they tend to hit a broader area. There are many times during hurricane season when there are few hurricanes passing through, and that is the case this week.

For residents of Mexico and the Caribbean nations, hurricane season is a time to get prepared and watch the weather before moving out onto the water. Residents may store food and water and head to higher ground if there is a serious danger of a hurricane.  As December approaches, high winds and rains tend to taper off.

In the Atlantic region, the hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30th. The Eastern Pacific hurricane season begins May 15th and ends November 30th.

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