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Halloween can be full of tricks, so talk with your kids. Photo by: Cindy

It’s Trick or Treat time again.

Last minute candy-shopping and scrambles to throw together costumes are the ritual for many families on October 31, but there are also some safety tips to keep in mind, to ensure a safe and happy Halloween.

Staying Safe: Tricks Can Be Dangerous

Kids play tricks on Halloween, some are meant to be in fun, but some aspects of the holiday can also put children in danger.

Before letting your child go out, talk to him  about staying safe, watching for traffic, refusing to enter private homes, or accepting rides home without permission from Mom or Dad. Safe Kids Worldwide, when they surveyed parents last year, found that only 35 percent of parents talk to their children about Halloween safety every year.

It’s always appropriate to remind children of safety rules, no matter how many times they may say, “I knowwwww!”

Children under the age of twelve should go trick-or-treating with an adult, so don’t let your little one run out the door alone. Even older kids should not go out alone, but stick with a group of friends.

Halloween Candy: Treats Are Part Of The Fun

It probably goes without saying these days, that parents should check their child’s candy before letting them eat, but an additional reminder is always a good idea.

It’s a sad realization that the good-old-days of going trick-or-treating without worrying about razorblades, needles, or poisoned candies are long gone. Although most of the stories circulating are myths, you can never be too careful with your kids!

However, that’s not to say you can’t take your child out trick-or-treating or have fun! Many places (malls, schools, places of worship, fire departments, etc) may offer safe Halloween events for kids, but many families still participate in the door-to-door event. Going to people’s houses that you know is a safe way to go trick-or-treating.

Once the kids get home, have them spread their candy out and go through it with them. Teach them about why you toss out unwrapped candies or homemade treats from strangers.

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