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Is Your Account in Trouble?

Don’t make your password easy to guess. Photo by Rob Pearce

If you use Evernote, you’ll likely be interested in the implications of the hack. What was taken from your account? Walkinton confirmed that only usernames, emails and passwords were taken. While the passwords are stored in an encrypted format, Evernote is directing all users to change all passwords in the interest of their own security.

No other information has been taken through the attack. How can Evernote guarantee that private information wasn’t accessed? Walkinton told Decoded Science that credit card information is not stored on file, so hackers would not be able to gain that information through their servers.

Make Your Password Near-Impossible to Guess

Evernote will be notifying all users that it’s time to change their passwords. When you log in, do not update your password to the one that you already used. Use a secure password, and protect your information.

Evernote is doing everything possible to keep the website and user accounts secure. Image by IntelFreePress

Future Security in Place for Evernote

What security measures are in place, and how will Evernote improve security in the future? Walkinton told Decoded Science, “At this time we believe we have blocked any unauthorized access. Our operations and security team is continuing their analysis of the patterns and activities of this attach, and we are continuing to monitor activity on our service for any additional attempts at unauthorized access. We believe user accounts remain secure.

The Evernote security team are experienced in the most current security protocols, and tell us that “the team continuously and aggressively monitors for unusual activity patterns.”

Protect Your Online Accounts

Unfortunately, hacking attacks are not uncommon on the Internet. In the last month, big names have had their servers hacked, including Facebook, Twitter and Apple. Decoded Science asked if Evernote believes their attack was related, but Walkinton was unable to comment since the investigation is still ongoing. As we wait to discover the culprit behind these hacks, the best way to protect your online accounts is to use the strongest passwords available.


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