GOP Polls: Gingrich’s South Carolina Win Puts Him Back on Top


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Gingrich's national poll numbers are back at the top following his win in South Carolina. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Another week, another shakeup among the candidates for the GOP presidential nomination.

According to a January 18-January 22 Gallup tracking poll, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are virtually tied for frontrunner status, after Romney dropped 8 points since the January 11-15 tracking poll, and Gingrich gained 14 points.

The most recent polling encompasses Gingrich’s South Carolina primary win, which seems to have played a part in reviving his campaign. Ron Paul and Rick Santorum remain on the second tier, at 13 and 11 points, respectively.

Gallup Tracking Poll Methodology

The sample consisted of 1221 registered Republican voters who were dialed at random between January 18 and January 22. Interviewers dialed landlines and cell phones, and there was a minimum quota of 400 cell phone respondents and 600 landline respondents per 1000 total respondents. Live interviewers spoke English and Spanish. When there were multiple adults in households, the adult with the most recent birthday was interviewed. The sample was also weighted for demographics, adults in household, and phone status.

Gingrich on the Rise Among Conservatives

A noticeable dip for Romney and rise for Gingrich was apparent among a sub-groups of self-described conservative Republicans, men, and Republicans from southern regions. Romney maintains an 18 point lead among moderate to liberal Republicans, and Republican women favor him by 12 points. Momentum following Gingrich’s South Carolina win, and Rick Perry dropping out of the race and endorsing Gingrich may have contributed to Gingrich’s new surge, as Perry was favored by southern conservatives.

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