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… Google’s Tools for Veterans Continued

Google’s Comments About Google for Veterans & Families

Decoded Science, founded by a veteran of the USAF, was tipped off to the Tools for Veterans program by a fellow veteran, and asked Google for comments about the reasons for, and motivations behind, the Google Tools created for military members, family members, and veterans. A Google spokesman’s response follows:

On November 11, Veterans Day here in the US, Google launched a website called Google for Veterans & Families that showcases a prioritized set of Google products that we believe can provide a way for veterans and loved ones to connect, communicate and help each other —  whether they are still in the service, transitioning out, or on a new path in their civilian lives. These tools range from a resume builder powered by Google Docs and a veteran-dedicated YouTube channel to tips and tricks on how to use Google+ Hangouts to chat with family back home or enhance your business’ website once you’ve made the transition back to civilian life.

We believe that greater understanding of veterans’ issues encourages communities to celebrate their veterans. That is why, in addition to tools for veterans and families, we have created a forum for civilians. It allows them to learn about the importance of service directly from veterans, and extend their thanks to those who have served. We hope to see both veterans and civilians alike benefit from the tools.

Our employee community of veterans, family members and supporters built this site to help make life a little easier for members of the community at large. Our veteran community has thrived because of our efforts to support each other and we hope to set an example.

Technology and Veteran Services

In today’s society, technology is involved in virtually every facet of life. As military members transition into civilian life, tech-based tools can make a real difference in the potential success of the transition. Whether you need help creating a resume, or you want to get in touch with your family in another part of the country or the world, Google’s free tools are a simple way to accomplish your goals.

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