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Transitioning from military service can be tough. Photo courtesy of the US Navy

Google doesn’t just provide search services and Business Ads. A new website offering “Tools for Veterans” applications provides a  variety of useful options for active duty service members, family members, and veterans alike.

The site was created by military veterans who happened to work together at Google. As veterans, they knew what sort of applications, such as resume-building assistance and free video chat and online phone calls, would be most useful to military members and veterans, and combined them in a single location for ease of use.

Google Organizes Technology for Veterans:

The tools in Google’s site for Veterans are available in other locations online – the simple service created by these veterans for other military members brings links into a single location, and explains the various uses for the tools. Links available on the site include:

  • Google Earth – Create a three-dimensional map of your tours to share with friends and family with Tourbuilder’s 3-D Virtual Tour of Service.
  • Google Docs – Upload your DD214 to the Cloud, create resumes from templates, create and maintain a budget,
  • Picasa – Share and compile photos with friends and family.
  • YouTube – Share videos with friends and family, watch videos with transition tips offered by other military members,
  • Google Voice – Create audio recordings of your military memories, send messages to your family and friends, and consolidate your phone numbers to a single contact number.
  • Google Tools for Online Success – Google’s partnership with the SBA (Small Business Administration) offers help for anyone wishing to grow a business using the Internet.
  • Google Finance – Track investments to spot financial trends.
  • Google News – Set up alerts to keep in touch with the news in areas where you served.
  • Google for NonProfits – Offers assistance and discounted products to eligible non-profit groups.
  • Google + – Connect with other veterans by entering the locations where you’ve been stationed.
  • Google Chat – Video or voice-chat with multiple friends, family members or fellow servicemembers, and make phone calls from your PC.
  • Blogspot – Blog about your time in the service, to share the experience with others.

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