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In addition to the points highlighted so cleverly by Microsoft, the need to get employees up-to-speed on new software is critical. The Docs platform is in a constant state of development, so training less tech-savvy users to use the various offerings you need for your business may be problematic, as they find themselves struggling to keep up with an ever-steepening learning curve, due to the appearance and disappearance of features that Google adds or removes in response to user complaints and feedback.

Businesses Relying on the Cloud

When you’re deciding whether or not to rely on the Cloud for your day-to-day operations, remember that if the Internet goes down, and you depend on those Google Docs applications, productivity will cease entirely. In addition, if Google were to decide to stop offering Google Docs, your company might find that all stored documents, spreadsheets and files are lost forever.

On the other hand, Google Docs is free, and offers many interactive features for multi-author documents. Docs also offers an offline-use capability, and provides users with the opportunity to download Doc files as Microsoft Office compatible documents or zipped files for organizations that decide to go offline once more.

Business in the cloud is more common every day – yet standard software offerings will remain. As the kinks are worked out in the transition from offline-to-online, and the battle for consumer loyalty continues, many businesses are taking advantage of the best aspects of both sides.

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